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The innovative platform where you can consult dictionaries and textbooks and translate and personalize texts.
Sharing know-how. Everywhere.


A prestigious catalogue of monolingual, bilingual and technical-scientific dictionaries.

Term-based or full-text search, audio pronunciation, examples and phraseology.

Data base interaction and multimedia links. 

Online translation box to create professional content.

Multi channel

Web, iOS, Android, Windows

Online consultation and use on PC, tablet and smartphone for ‘mobile’ professionalism, accessible 24/7.

Cloud service

bookmark, multimedia

Bookmarking, multimedia uploading and text highlighting for personalized data management.

Social services

comment, post, work community

Social-collaborative environment for sharing know-how in your work community, safely and professionally.

Book pdf

Coming Soon

Pdf viewer for language grammars and technical-scientific reference books. Interaction between e-books and dictionaries in the catalogue. Text highlighting, adding notes and full-text search.


Coming Soon

Language and grammar exercises. Creation and uploading of teaching materials for teachers and professionals. Learning and assessment tests. Virtual classification.

Professional tools

Professional tools for language production and translating in Ubidictionary

Translate box

Access your reserved area and use the online translation box to create professional and detailed content.

Search with a simple click for terms, meanings and expressions, choosing from among the books you have purchased.

If you belong to a work community, share your created work, adding posts, notes and comments.




Use the lexicon to expand your company’s know-how.

Create and manage a company lexicon, inserting glossaries and specific terminology.

Share meanings and the specific uses of technical and sectorial terms to ensure clear communications in your work community.


Thought to

professionals, companies, organizations and universities


A prestigious catalogue of dictionaries, exercises and textbooks for all the staff, with tools for translating and personalizing data (bookmark, notes, dashboard).

Access via IP address, creation and management of a company lexicon with glossaries and specific terminology integrated with all the resources in the catalogue.


Dictionaries, language books and e-books from the best known international publishers, all on a single platform for consultation on PCs and mobiles. Access via IP using a single interface.
Support tools for language production and translation, with professional results in a customizable, reserved work space.


The most complete multilingual lexical database, for consultation on all PCs and mobiles.

An indispensable tool for professional translations, using dictionaries for the most common languages simultaneously.

A permanent work space with support tools for translation, bookmarking, multimedia access and text highlighting.

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