IT Lo Zingarelli 2023

by Nicola Zingarelli

edited by Mario Cannella, Beata Lazzarini, Andrea Zaninello

145.000 entries, more than 380.000 meanings, 9.300 synonyms, 2.000 antonyms and 2.500 similar terms.

The essential dictionary for the correct use of Italian language and grammar.

  • 964 nuances and word groups, with advice on usage according to context
  • 136 definitions coined by personalities who have invested the words with their own lives and experiences.
  • more than 5.500 words of essential Italian
  • 3.126 words to save
  • more than 12.000 literary quotations by 134 authors, from Francis of Assisi to Dario Fo.
  • more than 45.000 expressions and idiomatic phrases
  • more than 5.000 examples of government (addetto a or addetto per?)
  • 118 nomenclature tables
  • notes on grammar and correct usage
  • division into syllables, phonemic transcription, audio pronunciation
  • l’Enciclopedia Zanichelli,
  • the Tommaseo-Bellini – Dizionario della lingua italiana di Niccolò Tommaseo e
    Bernardo Bellini
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