Il Nuovo dizionario di Tedesco

IT-DE / DE-IT Il Nuovo dizionario di Tedesco

by AA.VV. A cura di Luisa Giacoma, Susanne Kolb

With more than 386.000 entries and meanings, this is the most complete and up-to-date dictionary for translating and understanding German.

  • more than 386.000 entries and meanings
  • more than 700 false friends: so as not to confuse attitudine e Attitüdecaldo e kalt
  • 190 usage notes to avoid mistakes and clarify doubts, such as the difference between paar e Paarliegen e legendas Steuer e die Steuer
  • 80 notes on German culture and civilization, on schools, festivities and history
  • grammatical structures, explicitly showing government with nouns, adjectives and verbs such as mit jemandem telefonierenmit
  • suggested collocations: words that are typically combined with the headword, such as die Prüfung ablegen
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