Il dizionario di Spagnolo

IT-ES / ES-IT Il Grande dizionario di Spagnolo

by Rossend Arqués, Adriana Padoan

With more than 190,000 entries, 275,000 meanings and 360,000 translations, as well as an up-to-date lexicon and grammar notes, this is the ideal dictionary for professional translations.

  • 2.848 pages
  • more than 190.000 entries
  • more than 275.000 meanings
  • more than 360.000 translations
  • more than 77.000 expressions
  • 4.100 words of basic Spanish
  • 5.400 words of basic Italian
  • false friends
  • usage and grammar notes
  • cultural notes
  • appendix of Spanish verb conjugation tables
  • 32 colour illustrations with terms relating to sport, architecture, the environment, the human body, transport and space
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