Scienze psicologiche

IT Dizionario delle Scienze psicologiche

by Luciano Mecacci

The Dictionary of Psychological Science (Dizionario delle Scienze psicologiche) is a reference work reflecting the increasing complexity and variety of research interests and professions in the field of psychology. The wide range of terminology illustrated in the work, which is significantly richer in comparison with traditional psychological or philosophical vocabulary, reflects today’s multi-disciplinary approach in psychological science, influenced in particular by neuroscience.

For headwords present in psychological literature, research and all its branches, in addition to the English translation, the work provides a concise explanation in Italian, free from personal opinions, critical comments or specific theoretical models. It also includes numerous biographical entries on well-known and less well-known figures. These too are concise, but are sufficient for a basic understanding.

  • more than 18.000 entries

  • 65 illustrations of optical illusions

  • English glossary of all the headwords present in the work; French, Russian, Spanish and German glossary of the principal terms in use in specialist psychological literature

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