Physik Langenscheidt

DE-EN Langenscheidt Fachwörterbuch Physik

by Ralf Sube

Langenscheidt´s Specialist Dictionaries – a reliable and comprehensive resource for professional and academic translations which is always at hand.

• Approximately 374.000 headwords, phrases and translations
• Up-to-date specialist vocabulary from fields including mechanics (quantum mechanics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics,
etc.), acoustics, electricity and magnetism, field theory, optics (geometrical optics, wave and quantum optics), structure of matter (nuclear and molecular physics, solid state physics, etc.), astrophysics, mathematical physics, geophysics (seismology, etc.), physical chemistry
• Numerous abbreviations
• Translations from German into Englisch (German->English)

Subject labels provided for every term. A comprehensive reference work for professionals, translators, scientists and teachers.


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