IT-ZH / ZH-IT Il dizionario di Cinese

This Chinese dictionary is the result of collaboration between Zanichelli and the University of Language and Culture of Beijing.

It is one of the most extensive, up-to-date and authoritative bilingual dictionaries ever published and is ideal for language learning, translating, reading classical and modern texts and for doing business in China.


• 2112 pages
• 190,000 entries and meanings
• 73,000 examples and phrases
• key table
• alphabetical order based on pinyin transcription
• tone tips for correct pronunciation
• more than 200 Chinese grammar notes
• signalling of important Italian words
• appendix with pinyin and phonetic transcription indications, acronyms and abbreviations, names of principal countries and capitals

•     本字典共2112页
•     190 000词条及定义
•     73 000例子及例句
•     部首检字表
•     词条按汉语拼音字母次序排列
•     每个词条标有正确的发音及声调
•     超过200项中文语法注解
•     意大利语基本词汇标注
•     附录:拼音和发音注释,缩略语,主要国家和首都名称


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