IT-LA / LA-IT Il Vocabolario della lingua latina

by Luigi Castiglioni, Scevola Mariotti

This complete Latin dictionary has 2.272 pages, more than 50.000 Latin entries and 30.000 Italian entries.

The fourth edition contains:

  • complete revision of all entries (approx. 50,000) in the Latin-Italian section
  • complete translations of all passages, with completion of partial texts
  • additional examples and verification of Italian translations
  • increased number of helpful headwords with regard to spelling differences and anomalies
  • highlighted¬† important grammar notes (adjacent to headwords, with new graphic formatting) and notable government and construction examples (marked by arrow)
  • for some terms, the area of language idiosyncrasies includes distinctive forms usually signposted in grammar books
  • standardization of many grammar labels and abbreviations to avoid ambiguity
  • revision of more than 330 summary tables of the most complex entries
  • etymological check after entries, systematically cross-referenced with word list
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