General espanol

ES Diccionario General de la Lengua Española VOX

by AA.VV.

What makes this dictionary different from any other is that the headword list and the language used for the definitions reflect not only European Spanish, as is the case with the majority of other dictionaries, but also Latin American Spanish.

Spanish is a world language spoken in 20 countries and it is essential to include the different meanings that words have in each country, in order to provide a true picture of the language in its entirety.

The Latin American uses are labelled as well as those restricted to Spain, to show whether a particular sense is universal or limited to a particular geographic area.

In spite of the huge amount of information given, clear layout of the pages and the structure of the entries make looking up words quick and easy.

The dictionary was compiled by a large team of experts representing all varieties of Spanish using the most up-to-date lexicographical methods.

The examples are corpus-based.

The most complete Spanish language dictionary available:

  • 60.352 entries
  • 110.169 meanings
  • 68.063 examples
  • 10.177 synonyms
  • 2.624 antonyms
  • 27.736 idioms
  • 15.921 regionalisms (argentinismos, mexicanismos, castellanismos, …)
  • 16.896 notes
  • over 22.000 words with pronunciations recorded by native Spanish speakers
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